Epicenter is a literary magazine published in Riverside, California. We incorporate a wide variety of styles and subjects in poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, and artwork. We produce both print and online editions. In our 11th issue we have the work of Paul Benton, Gaylord Brewer, Patrick Carrington, Cindy Childress, Jona Colson, Thomas Dorsett, Fred Ferraris, Trina Gaynon, Arthur Winfield Knight, Tim Leach, Charles Legget, Elizabeth Majerus, A. Molotkov, Fred Ostrander, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Doug Ramspeck, James Reed, Betzi Richardson, Dennis Saleh, Robin Shectman, Jennifer Lynn Stoever, Marina Tsvetaeva, Elizabeth Volpe, Norman Waksler, Helen Wickes, Fred Yannantuono and many others.  

Epicenter: A Literary Magazine began publishing in 1994 from Riverside California. We have published many authors including Ilya Kaminsky, Virgil Suarez, Stephen Pyle, Guy R Beining, Zdravka Evtimova, Egon H. E. Lass, B.Z. Niditch, Roibeard Ui-Neill, Buzzsaw, Alexander Chertok, Carol Hamilton, Rich Yurman, Joddy Murray, Christine Kravetz, John Oliver Simon, Andrey Gritsman, Karla Clark, and Randy Koch.

So explore and enjoy, as we have no camouflaged fur, wings, nor fangs, all we have are our shared ideas.

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