• Dana Stamps, II
  • Guy R. Beining
  • Richard Sullivan
  • Carolyn Butler
  • Brad Craw
  • Chris Meyer
  • Maria Sanchez
  • Stepan Chapman
  • Wendy Loo
  • Kristine Zanno
  • Juan Carlos Toth
  • Jill Worley

Cigar Eyes on the Flame Red Abstract Depth of Field Man Petting Dog

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Guy R. Beining has been in our seventh and eighth issues, and is in our tenth issue

guy beining Doll FurBeining_GunBeining_Van Beining_Naked

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Man in RainMain Pointing at MeMan with Umbrella Park Here

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Carolyn Butler_a la Hoffman II
Carolyn Butler
a la Hoffman II
oil on panel


Brad Craw

Bee_Chris Meyer Orbs_Chris Meyer Perspective_Chris Meyer

Cool_MSanchez GunGirl_MSanchez StillLife_MSanchex


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Cover2_Kristine Zanno Ribs_Kristine Zanno

Juan1_Toth juan2_Tothjuan3_Toth

Nude_Jill WorleyMad_Jill Worley Frames_Jill Worley