At the Center for Breast Imaging

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

we have come about our breast

we sit in focused crewel work or tired to the bone

in fullness or flatness or in a fallen state

we offer them

we remember their uses


hot cups to the morning’s tongue tip

a wild thing grows between us

we ride until the snake becomes a fountain 

     And we drink


sweet cups to the baby

i feel your fierce suck still

and the pleasure of the tug of flesh between us

hot juice you drank of me


dark cups to the unknown mass

we offer to the oracle machine

we shall be flattened up and down and sideways

divided into quadrants

upper outer lower inner left and right

the black and whites of fate could come between us


in the hands of the breast doctor we float

a ship of silent cells in the dark

navigating consolations exploring charts

recognizing benign densities

Leo ascendant cyst in Gemini

could Cancer’s pearly sparkle appear

in the court of the queen of cups?


We have come about our breast

we sit in a focused crewel work or in a fallen state

we remember the feel of their uses

we offer them

we’d like to keep them