Epicenter is a literary periodical based in Riverside, California. We publish poetry, short-stories, essays, and artwork. We are open to a wide variety of styles and subjects. Please limit yourself to five pieces per submission. Send us poetry with vivid imagery and fresh ideas. Any style is acceptable. We are not averse to graphic images if we feel the work has literary merit.

To submit work, please write, Epicenter, PO Box 367, Riverside, Ca 92502 or e-mail us at If you wish to receive a reply please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with your submission. Include enough postage for the return. If you desire a response but do not wish your work to be returned, please indicate so in a cover letter.

Due to the volume of e-mail submissions, we do not respond unless we wish to use a piece. Upon acceptance, payment will be in publication plus one copy of the magazine. We retain one-time publication rights and the right to publish your submission on our website. All rights then revert to the author.

Mail Submissions:

Epicenter: A Literary Magazine,

PO Box 367

Riverside CA. 92502

E-Mail submissions:

Due to the volume of e-mail submissions, we will only respond if we wish to use a piece.

Artwork Submissions:

Submitting artwork on-line is a bit of a challenge. For reproduction quality we need scans of 300 dpi or higher but for e-mail opening we need lower resolutions. So when submitting artwork on-line, send low resolution and if we wish to use your work we will arrange to get the higher resolution scans.