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Our 11th issue of Epicenter features the work of Paul Benton, Gaylord Brewer, Patrick Carrington, Cindy Childress, Jona Colson, Thomas Dorsett, Fred Ferraris, Trina Gaynon, Arthur Winfield Knight, Tim Leach, Charles Legget, Elizabeth Majerus, A. Molotkov, Fred Ostrander, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Doug Ramspeck, James Reed, Betzi Richardson, Dennis Saleh, Robin Shectman, Jennifer Lynn Stoever, Marina Tsvetaeva, Elizabeth Volpe, Norman Waksler, Helen Wickes, Fred Yannantuono and many others.

Issue 11: $9.00

Yes, we are a non-profit!  Not just because we are a literary magazine that makes little to no money, but also because we did all the tedious paperwork.  You can get the latest copy of Epicenter for a gift of $9.00, A subscription to Epicenter: A Literary Magazine for a donation of $28.00, or back issues for $7.00.  Larger gifts will be rewarded with a "date" with a poet (the larger the gift the more morose the poet).

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