Randy Boone

And so I like had to go back to Grouch and all, because

Grouch loaned me this t-shirt, and I had to be all, yo, Grouch,

man, you know, like remember that t-shirt I borrowed and all?

and Grouch is all, hell yeah I remember that, and I’m like,

you’re gonna hate me, man cuz I fuckin’ broke it; I swear to

God I broke your fuckin’ t-shirt, and Grouch is like, don’t

worry, man, it’s just a t-shirt, and I’m like, but I broke it, man.

I swear to God I just had it on, I was just wearing it around

not even thinking anything, and the fucker just went, man. I

just had it on, and it fuckin’ busted right on me, and Grouch

is all, it’s just a t-shirt, man, give it up. I don’t even care, and

I’m all, no man, you can hit me if you want. I’d hit me. It’s

wrong, man, and Grouch is like, I’m not gonna hit you. It’s a

fuckin’ t-shirt. Just forget it, and I’m like, I’ll fix it, man. I

swear to God I’ll fix it for you if I can, and Grouch is all, you

can’t fix a t-shirt. What the hell’s wrong with you? and I’m all,

dude, I can try, I swear, and Grouch is like, try? It’s broke,

man. Nobody can fix it. It’s a t-shirt. Just chill the hell out,

okay? And I’m like Grouch, man, I wish I could, but I owe

you, man. I fucked it up, and Grouch is like, well, it’s not like

you fucked it up on purpose, so forget it, and I’m like, well

yeah, man, I did, I guess. It was like I got all pissed off at

something else, and, I don’t know, I just went nuts and started

fucking with your t-shirt, and I like snapped, and your t-shirt

just fuckin’ broke and all, and Grouch is like, just drop it man.

You’re starting to piss me off, and I’m all, it’s the principle,

man. You trusted me with your t-shirt, and I totally fucked it

up, and it’s like I can’t just go out and buy another one, but

this ones so fucked up that nobody’s gonna fix it, man, but I

can try, and Grouch is all, if you don’t shut the fuck up, I’m

gonna pound your ass for real, and I’m like, what the fuck is

all of a sudden your problem?